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Greystone College 餐飲飯店管理課程

May 07, 2020

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◎ 獲得加拿大工作經驗,為個人履歷添加增加產業相關工作經驗

◎ 掌握管理及營運技能,使其運用至產業蓬勃發展

◎ 獲得專業技能及知識,從而進入在全球成長最快速的餐飲飯店產業

◎ 獲得具國際認可的美國飯店與住宿協會 (AHLEI)證書


American Hotel & Lodging Association 美國酒店及住宿協會,協助提供全球飯店及餐飲業相關課程學校,提供高品質的飯店及餐飲業教育、培訓和專業認證。AHLEI和AHLA證照哪裡拿



Diploma in Hospitality Management Co-op



Diploma in Hospitality Management






飯店管理財務金融  Hospitality Industry Financial Accounting
Get a comprehensive introduction to hospitality accounting concepts and procedures, the processing of hospitality financial data, and the flow of financial information in the accounting cycle that results in the production of financial statements.


國際飯店管理 International Hotel Management
This course provides the background every graduate will need in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace. It prepares students to plan, develop, market, and manage hotels in the international arena. It gives students a solid foundation for understanding and managing cultural diversity in the workplace, and underscores the importance of protocol in international interactions.


餐飲業管理服務 Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations
Service is the key to guest satisfaction. Learn how to plan for and successfully manage different types of food and beverage operations, including coffee shops, dining rooms, room service, banquets, on-site food service venues, and more. You’ll gain management know-how, planning skills, and hands-on techniques for consistently delivering quality service in every type of operation. Case studies by industry experts encourage you to think critically about situations you may face on the job.


餐旅業人資管理 Managing Hospitality Human Resources
Hospitality is a people industry, and this course shows how to manage the important human resources who provide services within a hospitality operation. Students will analyze contemporary issues and practices, as well as employment laws that have an impact on the way people are managed.


餐旅業監督 Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
Learn how to develop effective supervision and management skills that are essential to success in the industry. Topics include how to recruit, select, and train; increase productivity; control labor costs; communicate effectively; manage conflict and change; and use time management techniques.


會議管理及服務 Convention Management and Service
Get an introduction to the organization and structure of hotels, restaurants, clubs, cruise ships and casino hotels, from a management perspective. Topics include: business ethics, franchising, management contracts, marketing and sales and advertising.


基礎管理及行銷 Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing
This course is a comprehensive guide covering basic functions of the contemporary convention and visitors’ bureau (CVB). Students will learn how destination management organizations depend on intertwined relationships involving hosts and guests, and suppliers and consumers, as well as complex networks of residents, government officials, and CVB leaders and employees.


飯店銷售及行銷 Hospitality Sales and Marketing
Discover how to build a top-flight sales team with creative, successful sales and marketing programs that really work. This course shows how to sell rooms and food and beverage services to customers.


餐旅業行銷 Marketing in the Hospitality Industry
This course takes a practical perspective in introducing you to the marketing of hotel, restaurants, and clubs. Topics include market segmentation, marketing research, sales, advertising, public relations, promotions, packaging, pricing strategies, revenue maximization, and travel purchasing systems.


管理前場業務 Managing Front Office Operations
Increase front office efficiency and help sales grow with the knowledge and skills gained from this course. Topics include revenue management and the latest technology applications. Learn how front office activities and functions affect other departments and how to manage the front office to ensure your property’s goals are met. Case studies and real-world examples offer a practical industry perspective.


家務管理業務 Managing Housekeeping Operations
No property can be profitable without clean rooms and efficient housekeeping operations. Learn what it takes to manage this important department. This course provides a thorough overview, from the big picture of hiring and retaining quality staff, planning, and organizing, to the technical details for cleaning each area of the hotel.


餐旅業技術管理 Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry
Gain solid grounding in hospitality technology and the management of information systems. Content includes applications for all functional areas, including reservations, rooms, food and beverage, sales and event man.








◎ 申請人必須完成一般的學校教育12年級學業(高中畢業),或持有大專院校認可的文憑或學位。

◎ 英文門檻: ILSC I3以上程度 、 iBT 55 或 IELTS 5.0

◎ 學生須達到入學條件的要求。





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