Fanshawe College 範莎學院 2022-2023年最新入學資訊

Apr 23, 2022


2021 最新一年學士後證書課程

1. 數位通訊管理 Digital Communication Management (1、9月開課)

2. 技術系統分析 Technical Systems Analysis (1、5、9月開課)

3. 自動化服務管理 Automotive Service Management (1、9月開課)

*語言要求 雅思6.5 (單科不低於6)、托福88

2022 / 09 課程 (2022-4-23 更新)


課程代碼 課程
HMT8G Hospitality – Hotel and Resort Services Management Co-op
AHM1G Addictions and Mental Health
THM1G Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management
GIP3G Gerontology – Interprofessional Practice
ESD3 Electronics & Embedded System Development NEW!
CEN1 Construction Engineering Technician (Co-op) NEW!

🍁 其他2022-09開課最新資訊請洽顧問

2021 /09 課程 (2021-05-25 更新)

下表為目前尚未滿額課程  🟢

課程代碼 課程
ATY1 Architectural Technology
AVM4 Aviation Technician – Avionics Maintenance (Co-op)
BRR4 Broadcasting – Radio and Media Production
BRT3 Broadcasting – Television and Film Production
BUS1 Business
BUS1 Business (Online)
BUS2 Business (Co-op)
BAC2 Business – Accounting
BAC2 Business – Accounting (Online)
BAC4 Business – Accounting  (Co-op)
BAA2 Business Administration – Accounting
BAH1 Business Administration – Human Resources
BAL1 Business Administration – Leadership and Management
BAM2 Business Administration – Marketing
BFN4 Business – Finance
BFN4 Business – Finance (Online)
BFN5 Business – Finance  (Co-op)
BFS2 Business Fundamentals
ENP2 Business Fundamentals – Entrepreneurship
BHR1 Business –  Human Resources
BIN3 Business – Insurance
BIN5 Business – Insurance (Co-op)
BMK1 Business – Marketing
BMK1 Business – Marketing (Online) 
BMK2 Business –  Marketing  (Co-op)
BLS3 Business – Supply Chain and Operations
BLS4 Business –  Supply Chain and Operations  (Co-op)
CLT1 Chemical Laboratory Technology –  Science Laboratory
CEY2 Civil Engineering Technology
NSG3 Collaborative Nursing (Western Fanshawe Collaborative BScN) (Apply through OUAC)
CIT2 Community Integration Through Cooperative Education
RPA1 Community Pharmacy Assistant
CPA3 Computer Programming and Analysis
CTN2 Computer Systems Technician
CTY2 Computer Systems Technology
CMY2 Construction Engineering Technology
COS1 Court Support Services
CSI1 Customer Service Fundamentals –  Insurance
CYB1 Cyber Security
DFN1 Design Foundations
DSW1 Developmental Services Worker
DLA1 Doula Studies
ECE6 Early Childhood Education (Fast Track)
ECE7 Early Childhood Education (Fast Track)
ELN2 Electrical Engineering Technician
ELY6 Electrical Engineering Technology  (Co-op)
ELT1 Electrical Techniques
EMN2 Electromechanical Engineering Technician  (Co-op)
ENT1 Environmental Technology
44441 Event Planning
44441 Event Planning (Online)
DFS4 Fashion Design
FMC3 Fashion Marketing and Management
FAS1 Fine Art
FAF1 Fine Art Foundation
FSE1 Fire Inspection and Fire Safety Education
FSS1 Fire Safety Systems
FHP1 Fitness and Health Promotion
FBM8 Food and Beverage Management  (Co-op)
VGD2 Game – Design
GAP1 General Arts and Science –  One Year
GAP1 General Arts and Science – One Year (Online)
GAP5 General Arts and Science – One Year (English Language Studies)
GAS1 General Arts and Science – Two Year
GAS1 General Arts and Science – Two Year (Online)
URP2 GIS and Urban Planning
URP2 GIS and Urban Planning (Online)
GRM2 Golf and Club Management (Co-op)
GRD1 Graphic Design
BIO2 Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology
BCA1 Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
BDM1 Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Marketing)
BHM1 Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources Management)
BCM1 Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Management)
ECL1  Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership
BED1 Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design and Planning
HMT8 Hospitality –  Hotel and Resort Services Management  (Co-op)
HSF1 Human Services Foundation
IDP3 Interactive Media Design
VIS1 Interactive Media Development – 3D Visualization
ITD1 Interior Decorating
BRJ1 Journalism – Broadcast
DLS4 Landscape Design
MEN1 Manufacturing Engineering Technician (Co-op)
MEY1 Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Co-op)
MTD7 Motive Power Technician (Diesel)
MTD9 Motive Power Technician (Diesel) (Co-op)
OAE3 Office Administration -Executive
OAE3 Office Administration – Executive (Online)
OAG1 Office Administration – General
OAG1 Office Administration – General (Online)
OAM4 Office Administration – Health Services
PSW9 Personal Support Worker (Weekend)
PHT1 Photography
PFT1 Police Foundations
PMD1 Pre-Media
PRT1 Pre-Technology
PBT1 Professional Butchery Techniques
PSI1 Protection, Security and Investigation
PSF1 Public Safety Fundamentals
RLD2 Recreation and Leisure Services
SSW2 Social Service Worker (Fast-Track)
TTC6 Tourism –  Travel
TTS1 Tourism –  Travel Studies (Online) (September and October start dates)
IWD2 Web Development and Internet Applications


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