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May 25, 2024


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全端開發文憑 Co-op

Diploma in Full Stack Development Co-op

63 週課程+47 週有薪實習 *此為夜間課程

全端開發文憑 – 無實習

Diploma in Full Stack Development Academic 

63 週課程 *此為夜間課程


A Diploma in Full Stack Development can open flexible career opportunities in a variety of industries and roles within the field.


◎  Fast-track your way into a Full Stack Development role with high earning potential in this hands-on, job-ready training program.

◎ Learn comprehensive front end and back end development skills and technologies in the academic part of the program and open up a wide range of flexible career opportunities

◎ Choose a Co-op to build your Canadian experience and career networks for an extra edge on getting hired upon graduation

◎ Get customized career search and Co-op placement support from our Co-op Advising Team who have strong links to industry partner organizations

◎ Develop comprehensive knowledge of leading-edge development frameworks, tools, and languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js and Angular

◎ Learn from tech industry experts with recent experience in Full Stack Development roles

◎ Program curriculum developed by our partner Wawiwa, an experienced tech program development company with global expertise

◎ No previous programming knowledge required!


Back End Development – Part 1

Develop the skills and knowledge required to connect an application to a database and maintain TECH, including integration and deployment using GitHub.

Back End Development – Part 2

Connect front-side products with servers and databases using tools like SQL, MongoDB and Mongoose.

Capstone Project

Complete a large-scale project integrating all the skills, concepts, and technologies acquired in the program, and start building your professional portfolio. You’ll also prepare for your next steps through career orientation workshops and presentations.

Front End Basics – HTML, CSS & Introduction to Programming

Learn how to build and design webpages using HTML and CSS the two core technologies for building web pages. You’ll also get an intro to JavaScript, rounding out the basic knowledge that will help you to identify, analyze, design, and maintain web pages.

Front End Basics – JavaScript

Learn how to write scripts in the JavaScript programming language to create dynamic, interactive front-side web products and faster user experiences.

Front End Basics – Angular Basics

Develop the skills and knowledge required to build advanced webpages and web products using Angular, an open-source front-end framework.

Front End Basics – Angular React

Learn to build advanced web pages and web products using open-source, front-end frameworks. You’ll also explore UI/UX to learn how to build easy to use websites with end users front of mind. This course involves teamwork and a presentation in front of peers and managers.

Introduction to Data Analytics

Develop the skills and basic knowledge required to understand the data analyst role and capabilities. In this course you’ll explore tools and methods to evaluate KPIs and learn about the analyst work circle. Get introduced to relational databases and how to derive insights from different kinds of data sets.


  • ◎ 申請人必須完成一般的學校教育12年級學業(高中畢業),或持有大專院校認可的文憑或學位。
  • ◎ 英文門檻: ILSC I3以上程度 、 iBT 46 、 IELTS 5.5 或多鄰國 85
  • ◎ 學生須達到入學條件的要求


  • 網站工程師

平均年薪約 $62,400 CAD




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