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自由接案藝術彩妝學程 簡介


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  1. 週日整天&週二晚上 (課程長度 6個月)
  2. 週六 (課程長度 9個月)
  3. 週日 (課程長度 9個月)



  • Level 1: Makeup Fundamentals 基礎彩妝 (64小時)
  • Level 2: Bridal Makeup 新娘彩妝 (44小時)
  • Level 3: Hair for Bridal and Fashion 新娘與時尚美髮造型 (40小時)
  • Level 4: Make for Fashion 時尚化妝 (68小時)
  • Level 5: Airbrushing  噴槍彩妝 (40小時)
  • Level 6: Self Marketing and Promotion 自我行銷 (12小時)
  • Level 7: Self Marketing and Social Media 自我行銷與媒體 (24小時)
  • Graduation 畢業


Level 1: Makeup Fundamentals 基礎彩妝

Introduction-discussion of equipment, tools, materials and products. Analysis and comparison of brushes and make-up sponges for various applications.

Overview of make-up products: commercial and professional lines. Including product demonstration and information session hosted by leading cosmetic representatives.

Introduction to basic skincare: preparing the face for make-up with proper facial cleansing.

Analysis of bone structure and face shapes. Correcting various facial shapes with contouring, shading and highlighting.

Classifying skin colours. Selection of make-up products, based on proper analysis of skin tones and undertones. Highlighting colours and neutralizing shades for skin undertones.

Seasons and tonality. Colour theory. Terminology. Understanding the colour wheel (primary, secondary, and tertiary colours), colour harmonies, psychological reactions to colour.

Correction and concealer. Shading colour and powdering for different ethnic groups, skin tones and skin types.

Sequence of basic make-up application: foundation, concealer, countershading, shading, cheek colour, eyebrows, eye colour, lashlines, mascara, false lashes and lip colour.

Cheek colour application: product qualities and technical application of dry and cream cheek colour for day and evening looks.

Eyebrows: correct shaping of brows, eyebrow make-up selection and application.

Eye Make-up selections and application: creme shadow (greasepaint, liner), cake shadows (wet or dry application) and pressed powder shadow. Eye shapes and corrections.

Lip Colour: selection and application of various products and textures. Lip shapes and corrections.

Photo Assignment- complete day and evening makeup

Level 2: Bridal Makeup 新娘彩妝

Current celebrity bridal make-ups – videos and magazines.

Discussion: initial consultation, working with the bride, creating a design, working with hairdressers and photographers.

Demonstration and practical application of traditional, contemporary, ethnic and avant-garde bridal make-ups.

Discussion and demonstration of bridal make-ups for different ethnic groups including techniques for creating flawless, sheer, natural makeups on multi-ethnic skin.

Fieldtrip to local bridal salons to discuss how bridal gowns and accessories impact make-up design.

Professional photo shoot – complete bridal make-up.

Level 3: Hairstyling Seminars 美髮造型研討

Introduction to hair structure, hairstyling equipment and hairstyling products.

Analyzing various head and face shapes for the best styling looks.

Hair care, styling tips and techniques.

Demonstration and practical work: rollers, hot rollers, hot sticks, irons, crimpers.

Demonstration and practical work: scrunching, teasing, braiding updos.

Hairstyling trends and current fashion looks – videos and magazines.

Extreme styling: incorporating unique accessories, working with hairpieces and temporary colour.

Level 4: Bridal Hair 新娘髮型

Current bridal styling trends – videos and magazines.

Discussion: working with the bridal make-up artist, photographer and stylist.

Demonstration and practical application of twists and knots; from classic French twists to sexy, playful messy, knots.

Demonstration and practical application of positioning hair accessories such as fresh flowers, ribbons, tiaras and veils.

Discussion and demonstration of products designed to enhance texture, shine, and control.

Photo Assignment – complete bridal hair and makeup.

Level 5: Fashion Makeup for Events 時尚活動彩妝

Course overview: equipment, material, supplies and preparation.

Overview of current trends in fashion and makeup. The importance of a total, finished look is emphasized with designer collection videos and analysis of fashion tear sheets.

Discussion and demonstration of fashion show make-ups for various situations and venues.

Fashion show colour charts and styling, lighting and applicable products. Students design a specific fashion show make-up on a croquis (chart) and apply it.

To identify make-up fashions of specific decades of the 20th century with accuracy.

Discussion, demonstration and application of period make-up. Emphasis placed on 50’s, 60’s and 70’s make-ups including famous faces: Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy.

Demonstration and application of full glamour make-up with corrective and camouflage techniques.

Coordinating the make-up look to work with the hairstylist’s, fashion stylist’s and photographer’s artistic visions. Synopsis of technical aspects of make-up application for fashion photography.

Discussion: make-up for models (runway, print, portfolio and composite cards).

Discussion: working with make-up in a studio situation and on location setup, lighting, and application techniques.

Professionalism, etiquette and timing.

Make-up for colour photography. Review of colour theory. Demonstration and practical work on make-up for colour photography.

Make-up for black and white photography. Demonstration and practical work on make-up for black and white photography.

Body make-up: application and maintenance. Corrections: covering scars, tattoos, etc.

Discussion: portfolio development.

Photo shoot review: guidelines, model styling, final preparations.

Colour and Black & White photo shoot.

Alternative and high fashion make-ups. Extreme fashion versions of current cultural trends, make-up influenced by street style, music, the arts and fashion. Design, demonstration and application.

Discussion and video analysis of extreme runway make-up.

Discussion: trend spotting, analysis and forecasting.

Demonstration and practical work: “futuristic fahsion make-ups”.

Professional Photo Shoot (on location) – high fashion make-up and hair.

Level 6: Airbrushing for Photo Shoots 噴槍彩妝攝影

Discussion: history of airbrushing.

Discussion and demonstration of different types of airbrushing equipment.

Breakdown, cleaning and reassembling of an airbrush. Mechanics of airbrushing.

Discussion: airbrushing products.

Demonstration and practical application of airbrushing for beauty.

Demonstration and bronzing techniques for special events and photo shoots.

Demonstration and practical application of airbrushing as a tool for covering tattoos and discolorations.

Demonstration and practical of airbrushing on hair.

Design a croquis for airbrush application.

Photo Assignment: complete airbrush hair and makeup including bronzing application.

Demonstration and application: beauty body stencils, experimenting with patterns and textures.

Level 7: Self Marketing & Portfolio 自我行銷與作品集

Discussion: promoting and marketing creative talents, career awareness and business communications.

Demonstration and practical application of software programs utilized to create e-invitations, business cards and portfolios.

Working in a MAC environment: Macintosh computers using Photoshop, scanners and printers.

Discussion: identifying and capturing your market, how to develop industry connections and create an industry network.

Discussion and presentation: introduction to opportunities in cosmetic retailing.

Discussion: client consultation-identifying needs, pricing, etc.

Final Project: presentation of make-up creations in an industry ready “e-portfolio.”


  • ♦19歲以上
  • ♦高中畢業或有高中畢業同等學力的資格
  • ♦Blanche Macdonald Centre 英語能力測驗合格


  • 全球藝術彩妝學程:BMC Test 21+/30, IELTS雅思 5.5以上, TOEFL iBT 55以上
  • 國際彩妝工作室學程:BMC Test 15+/30, IELTS雅思 4.5以上, TOEFL iBT 40以上
  • 自由接案藝術彩妝學程:
  • 時尚服飾設計學程:BMC Test 21+/30, IELTS雅思 5.5以上, TOEFL iBT 55以上
  • 全球時尚行銷學程:BMC Test 24+/30, IELTS 雅思 6以上, TOEFL iBT 65以上
  • 國際時尚行銷學程:BMC Test 24+/30, IELTS雅思 6以上, TOEFL iBT 65以上
  • 職人髮型學程:BMC Test 21+/30, IELTS 雅思 5.5以上, TOEFL iBT 55以上
  • 職人美學芳療學程:BMC Test 21+/30, IELTS 雅思 5.5以上, TOEFL iBT 55以上
  • 美甲工作室學程:BMC Test 21+/30, IELTS 雅思 5.5以上, TOEFL iBT 55以上



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