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Dec 02, 2021



校區:素里 Surry、本那比 Burnaby

素里校區 Surrey Campus: 201 – 10090 152 St. Surrey, BC, V3R 8X8

本那比校區 Burnaby Campus: 200 – 4980 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC, V5H 4K7


Pacific Link College (PLC) has been innovating the education landscape in Canada by building programs and partnerships that lead students to the careers of which they dream. Our success in post secondary education has made us one of the fastest-growing institutions in Canada. Our specialty is international students, for whom we have built student support from recruiting to academics to co-op and post-graduate care.

素里校區 Surrey Campus

Surrey is the fastest-growing and second largest city in British Columbia. It is a very diverse community that speaks over 100 different languages – a destination for individuals, families, and businesses. The city is also large geographically, with many distinct communities from rural to commercial to ocean beaches – something for everyone. The Surrey campus is located near all transportation hubs including the Trans-Canada Highway to get you to Vancouver or other parts of BC. It is also convenient to the largest shopping centre – Guildford Mall – and all of the conveniences for shopping and for play!

本那比校區 Burnaby Campus 

Burnaby is right in the centre of the Lower Mainland – 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver – and is truly a multicultural city with many people from around the world. It stretches from the mighty Fraser River to the North Shore Mountains, with lots of shopping, businesses, as well as lakes, parks, shorelines, forests, and trails for active and exploring people. We are located in 4980 Kingsway Unit 200, Burnaby, BC, V5H 4K7. The campus is conveniently central in the city with direct access to the main roads and Skytrain – the commuter above-ground transit system that takes you around the area in less than 30 minutes. The largest shopping complex in BC is also directly across the street — Metrotown – for any shopping, food, or entertainment, this is the place to be.


◆ 提供Co-op課程,業界實習機會

◆ 與國際大學合作提供轉學機會

◆ 經驗豐富且多元文化的員工

◆ 每月皆有開課日

◆ 每週實體上課時間彈性 (含週末)



Information and Communication Technology Programs 資訊與溝通科技課程

以下2個課程英文門檻:IELTS雅思 5.5 (單科不低於5.0)、TOEFL 46-59、Duolingo 75-80

  • .數位媒體研究高級文憑 Digital Media Studies | Advanced Diploma(課程40週+Co-op 39週)
  • .數位媒體研究文憑 Digital Media Studies | Diploma

以下3個課程英文門檻:IELTS雅思 6.0 (單科不低於5.5)、TOEFL 60-78、Duolingo 85-90

  • .數位媒體研究管理科學後學士文憑 Digital Media Studies Management Science | Post Graduate Diploma(課程40週+Co-op 39週)
    .商業資訊與溝通科技 (含Co-op) Information and Communication Technology in Business with Co-op(課程23週+Co-op 20週)
    .商業資訊與溝通科技 Information and Communication Technology in Business

Hospitality and Tourism Programs 餐旅及觀光課程

英文門檻:IELTS雅思 6.0 (單科不低於5.5)、TOEFL 60-78、Duolingo 85-90

  • .餐旅飯店管理高級文憑 Business Hospitality Management | Advanced Diploma(課程40週+Co-op 39週)
    .餐旅飯店管理文憑 Business Hospitality Management | Associate Diploma
    .餐旅飯店管理文憑 Business-Hospitality Management | Diploma
    .全球餐廳實業高級文憑 Global Restaurant Entrepreneurship | Advanced Diploma

Canadian Workplace Skills 加拿大工作技能

英文門檻:IELTS雅思 5.0 (單科不低於4.5)、TOEFL 35-45、Duolingo 65-70

  • .商業基礎 CWS | Business Fundamentals
    .商業基礎 (含Co-op) CWS | Business Fundamentals with Co-op (課程21週+Co-op 20週)
  • .觀光餐旅及服務 CWS | Tourism, Hospitality, and Service
    .觀光餐旅及服務 (含Co-op) CWS | Tourism, Hospitality, and Service with Co-op(課程27週+Co-op 20週)
  • .資訊與溝通科技 CWS | Information and Communication Technology
    .資訊與溝通科技 (含Co-op) CWS | Information and Communication Technology with Co-op(課程23週+Co-op 20週)
  • .幼兒照護及語言協助 CWS | Childcare and Language Assistant
    .幼兒照護及語言協助 (含Co-op) CWS | Childcare and Language Assistant with Co-op(課程29週+Co-op 20週)

Other Programs 其他課程

  • .學業加強準備課程 1 (IELTS雅思 4.5) Intensive Academic Preparation 1
    .學業加強準備課程 2 (IELTS雅思 5.0) Intensive Academic Preparation 2
    .進階學業準備課程 (IELTS雅思 6.0) Advanced Academic Preparation
    .文化與藝術 (須年滿12歲) Culture and Arts
    .物流供應鏈與倉儲 (須年滿18歲) Logistics, Supply Chain and Warehousing


PLC和Vancouver Community College 溫哥華社區學院(VCC) 及Trinity Western University 西三一大學 (TWU)

🔗 Vancouver Community College 溫哥華社區學院(VCC) 學校介紹

🔗 Trinity Western University 西三一大學 (TWU) 學校介紹


VCC 配合的課程

PLC 的課程:

  • 餐旅飯店管理高級文憑 Business Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma (BHMAD)

可銜接 VCC 的文憑課程:

  • Hospitality Management Diploma

TWU 配合的課程

PLC 的課程:

  • 1. 餐旅飯店管理高級文憑 Advanced Diploma in Business Hospitality Management
  • 2. 數位媒體研究管理科學後學士文憑 Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Management Science

可銜接 TWU 的學士課程:

  • .Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Degree

PLC 的課程:

  • .數位媒體研究管理科學後學士文憑 Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media Management Science

可銜接 TWU 的碩士課程:

  • 1. Master of Arts in Leadership
  • 2. MBA










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