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May 13, 2020

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Diploma in Business Administration Management

  • 課程25.5小時/週
  • 實習總時數 384小時
  • 14人/班

Diploma in Hotel Management

  • 課程25.5小時/週
  • 實習總時數 384小時
  • 14人/班

Diploma in Business Administration


1-1 商業概論 60小時

This course provides a basis for the study of business, describing the global factors that impact the Canadian firm, and how business activities link to resources around the world.
To establish a clear picture of how business works, the course begins with the study of the various aspects of the creation of business operation and how this process is affected by the knowledge and understanding of both domestic and global economic environments as they affect all Canadian enterprises. These topics lead to a more detailed study of the major activities undertaken by all enterprises: technology and communications, business leadership and management, human resources, business operations, finances & accounting, and marketing.

1-2 電腦 I 60小時

In today’s fast-moving, mobile environment, technology continues to be incorporated into all business sectors in today’s economy.  To compete for employment and to succeed in job roles, college graduates need to possess basic computer literacy skills.
Students learn to prepare a basic and intermediate level of Microsoft Office Excel 2016 spreadsheets with charts and mathematical, data, logical and financial functions, and formulas.  Students will apply this knowledge to individual and collaborative assignments that support decision making and problem-solving in a business environment.

1-3 營運/供應鏈管理 60小時

This course provides an introduction to the study of operations management. It is intended to provide a background to the development of the operations management activity in Canadian business. Students will explore various career choices in operations through reading, class discussions and case studies. Students will apply the theories and concepts of operations management to demonstrate their understanding of the impact of operations activities in business life.

1-4 商業溝通 60小時

The first part of the course deals with various types of reports, letters and other written submissions expected in a business management environment. The second part focuses on oral communications and covers presentations, group decision-making, conducting meetings and team building.

1-5 商業法 60小時

Business Law is intended to familiarize you with the Canadian legal system. While the emphasis will be on the law of torts and contracts, the law relating to the activities of business organizations will also be extensively examined. As such, you will study topics among which will be professional liability, corporation law, global citizenship and equity, employment law and much more.

1-6 行銷與銷售 60小時

This course introduces the students to the fundamentals of marketing and how this activity integrates into the overall business model. Marketing is an approach to business that puts the customer at the centre of its activities and focuses on satisfying customer needs and wants to meet the demands of the market place.

1-7 人力資源管理概論 60小時

This course provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the functional areas of, and contextual elements relevant to, Human Resource Management (HRM). It is intended to assist those with little or no prior knowledge of HRM in acquiring a basic level of knowledge/ skill in this subject area. Learners are introduced to the functional areas of HRM and will apply acquired concepts and terminology to solve problems related to effective strategic human resource management in organizations.


2-1 財務資料分析 60小時

This subject develops and extends your understanding of the basic tools of financial management used by all managers in planning, analyzing and controlling their areas of responsibility. Upon completion of this subject you will be able to:
Use financial statements and financial analysis to assess financial strengths and weaknesses;
Explain and apply techniques for managing your business investment in cash, receivables, and inventory;
Display working knowledge of the sources and features of short-term and long-term debt financing;
Display working knowledge of the markets, institutions, and securities for equity financing;
Utilize word processing, spreadsheet, and internet applications to research, analyze and report on financial management issues.

2-2 國際商業 60小時

This course introduces students to the major considerations in the conduct of business activities within a global context. It provides a broad overview of the domestic and foreign environments within which international business takes place, examines international trade and foreign direct investment, and outlines several of the key strategic decisions facing international business managers. The course takes the perspective of a Canadian business person seeking international opportunities in today’s dynamic global environment.

2-3 電腦 II 60小時

Students are introduced to relational database management systems as tools for business decision making. The focus is on the design and creation of microcomputer database applications according to basic relational principles. Topics include the creation and use of tables, custom forms for user input and output, custom queries for data analysis, and custom reports for decision making.

2-4 數據決策與分析 60小時

This course develops decision management skills for business using quantitative data analysis. We start with a traditional introduction to statistics to collect, analyze, present, and interpret quantitative data. This is not just a statistics course. We also introduce new technologies and methods such as data science, business intelligence, and data analytics to improve critical decision-making skills to solve common business problems. We cover critical thinking, estimation, forecasting, prediction, modeling, multiple regression, model optimization, risk analysis, and, goal-seeking. Students write reports communicating recommendations to senior management from their quantitative analysis. A computer is mandatory.

2-5 專案管理 60小時

This is an introductory course that provides an overview of all aspects of project management functions. The topics covered will include project scope definition, the work breakdown structure, project management process, importance of communication and team building, project management strategies, and the role of a project manager.

2-6 商業倫理 60小時

Students will consider their own values, dilemmas, the quality of their relationships, and the meaning of the choices made. Students will then examine business ethics and the highly complex ethical challenges which businesses and individual employees face. Students will consider how they, as an employee, might balance personal and corporate values. Case studies will illustrate how business success is often heavily impacted by the moral consequences of decisions and choices. Ethical issues related to sustainability are also evaluated.

2-7 個人發展與職涯規劃 60小時

Submitting a résumé online leads to few results in job searches, as most jobs are filled by personal recommendation, often referred to as the “hidden” job market. Personal networking has always been crucial in seeking a job. Recently social networking has become important as well, although it cannot replace networks created by building personal and professional relationships. This course builds on basic training in communication skills and networking tips that students have received in their previous studies and practical work. Students gain advanced knowledge and skills in improving their cover letter, résumé, business card, and portfolio, in email writing skills and specific soft skills required in their program-specific area. Moving beyond online job search tools, students take a further step in their plans to obtain professional designations and strategic networking with leaders and experts in their industry. With intensive participation in networking events, students have the opportunity to build and improve their professional network.


3-1 實習: 商業行政 – 管理 384小時


Diploma in Hotel Management


1-1 住宿管理入門 60小時

In this course student will learn how lodging industry operate. The course covers both small and large hotels and it addresses each department including Front Office, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Sales and Marketing, Food and Beverage and more. Students will learn about the interconnectedness of hotel departments and identify the characteristics and skills that are necessary to be successful  lodging manager. They will learn about revenue optimization efforts and their role in hotel profitability. Students will analyze current trends in lodging industry including lodging industry green initiatives, focusing on industry sustainability best practices.

1-2 前台營運管理 60小時

This course presents a systematic approach to front office procedures by detailing the flow of business through a hotel, from the reservations process to check-out and account settlement. The course also examines the various elements of effective front office management, paying particular attention to the planning and evaluation of front office operations and to human resources management. Front office procedures and management are placed within the context of the overall operation of a hotel.

1-3 房務部門 II:
房間整潔與設備管理 60小時

1-4 餐飲營運管理 60小時

This course will give students a basic understanding of the management process in food and beverage operations. All aspects of food and beverage operations are covered, including organization, marketing, menus, costs and pricing, production, service, safety, and finances.

1-5 飯店業人力資源管理 60小時

Today’s hotel manager must be an expert at managing many functions. In every segment of the hotel industry, recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, and retaining outstanding staff members are always challenging tasks, but every manager must master them. In this course the students will learn about the strategic role of human resource management and its importance in the daily operations of the hospitality organization. Students will learn about best human resources practices among the leaders in hotel industry that are important to the success of overall hotel operations. Among the practises discussed and analyze will be: workforce planning, recruitment, selection, training, employee relations, promotion and retention.
Students are also introduced to employment legislation, workplace diversity and health and safety. Human resource management practices in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces are explored.

1-6 觀光業卓越顧客服務 60小時

This course provides students with the basic principles involved in learning and delivering Service Excellence. The course emphasizes the importance of service excellence in today’s International and competitive environment. The student in this course will learn about the value-added service strategies and tactics for developing and maintaining service excellence. They will learn about the latest trends in customer service field focusing on problem solving and communication strategies while focusing on the skills needed to improve and sustain customer satisfaction.
The course includes cultural and team based learning applications, quality assurance methods, service recovery strategies and the importance of customer relationship management

1-7 飯店與餐廳會計 60小時

This course provides a basis for understanding hospitality accounting concepts and procedures. Students learn about the processing of hospitality financial data, and the flow of financial information in the accounting cycle that result in the production of financial statements.


2-8 觀光業行銷 60小時

This course explains the integrative approach to marketing in the hotel industry. Students will learn how each member in every area of operation participates in hotel marketing and the unique characteristics of marketing in hotel industry. By taking this course students will develop marketing knowledge and skills to assist in the development of a marketing plan and sales campaign for products and services in the hotel industry. Students will learn about marketing strategies in hotel industry, designing and managing products and services that build customer value.

2-9 加拿大觀光法與風險管理、顧客安全 60小時

This course will introduce students to an overview of the Canadian Legal System, and Laws, relating to human rights, contracts, consumer protection, insurance and security issues of current concerns in hotel industry. The students will learn the concepts of risk management and legal liability, emergency management and media relation. Emphasis will be placed on negligence prevention in the hospitality industry including the accommodation sector, food, and alcohol. Students will learn about the management issues including regulatory requirements, ownership and property issues, employer–employee relationships, and employment standards. Legal issues pertaining to hotel industry will be discussed in the context of improving hotel management, operations, decision making, and service leadership.

2-10 觀光業科技管理 60小時

This course provides an overview of the information needs of lodging properties and food service establishments; addresses essential aspects of computer systems, such as hardware, software, and generic applications; focuses on computer-based property management systems for both front office and back office functions; examines features of computerized restaurant management systems; describes hotel sales computer applications, revenue management strategies, and accounting applications; addresses the selection and implementation of computer systems; focuses on managing information systems; and examines the impact of the Internet and private intranets on the hospitality industry.

2-11 觀光業經理人會計 60小時

Managerial Accounting is the system of analyzing accounting information for the purpose of making informed management decisions. In this course the learner will work with theoretical managerial situations to enhance their understanding of accounting principles and concepts and the application of these principles and concepts related to the hospitality and tourism industry.

2-12 飯店業管理人指導原則 60小時

Effective leadership of individuals and teams is the key to successful hotel organizations. The students in this course will learn about business management and leadership. Students will be introduced with different concepts and styles of leadership, assess the differences between leading and managing, and learn the leadership skills necessary to be an effective leader.
This course will provide students with the opportunity to assess their current leadership styles, skills, and behaviors and develop an action plan of leadership skills to develop in the future. Students will learn to apply the knowledge learning in the course to real business situation in hotel industry.

2-13 觀光產業採購概要 60小時

There is not a single job in the hospitality industry that does not involve purchasing in one way or another. The manager of a hotel must be able to find the best price for sheets and pillows in a reasonable quantity for her size of operation. An accountant for a hotel chain must know enough about the company’s purchasing agreements to take advantage of discounts based on timely payments. It is the person in charge of purchasing who spends the majority of the money made by a hospitality operation, and it is this person’s skills and knowledge that significantly assist in achieving profitability in an operation
This course is designed to demonstrate to the learner the procedures required to build an integrated purchasing system for food and non-food items. The learner will investigate the responsibilities of the purchaser and learn to apply quality standards and ethical conduct.

2-14 個人發展與職涯規劃 60小時

This course will provide students the essential skills required to participate in the industry learning experience work search process, and to successfully transfer learning from the classroom to the workplace. Topics will include the development of effective work search tools, effective interviewing skills, knowledge application, goal setting, and professional workplace behaviors. This course will also examine personal development by exploring a wide variety of ways in which to change, grow, and achieve one’s creative potential.


實習 384小時

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