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Oct 09, 2020

創校年份: 2008年


CodeCore 開課日+學費公告👆


CodeCore College 成立於2008,溫哥華市中心。最初為Coding Camp (類似職業培訓營),針對業界需求的程式設計等提供培訓課程。創校以來的500


CodeCore學院準備幫助來自世界各地的學生駕馭新技術、新職業和充滿活力的未來。 我們的願景是提供卓越的教育,使每個學生能夠開拓自己的道路,且能夠被國內外的學生,認可學校高品質的課程,同時適應不斷變化的就業市場。


我們一直在努力建立加拿大最全面,最受認可的大學和大專院校聯盟網絡之一,同時獲得高質量和頂尖教育的認可。 我們在加拿大的合作機構列表不斷增加。 訪問SQA頁面,查看我們在加拿大和全球SQA的合作夥伴關係。


我們很自豪地說,我們有250多個招聘合作夥伴,其中包括Amazon,SAP,Broadridge,Unbounce,Modern Advisor等知名雇主。 完成課程三個月後,我們的Web開發訓練營的畢業生的就業率達到96%。



♦網頁開發訓練營文憑課程 Web Development Bootcamp 12週

♦程式開發基礎證書課程 Programming Fundamentals 5週

♦網頁應用程式開發進階文憑課程 Web Application Development Diploma 1年

♦電腦程式開發進階文憑課程 Advanced Diploma in Computing Software Development 2年

♦商業進階文憑課程 Advanced Diploma in Business 2年

♦互動多媒體與大眾傳播進階文憑課程 (與North Island College橋接課程) Advanced Communication and Interactive Design – Interactive Media Diploma 3年

網頁開發訓練營 Web Development Bootcamp

密集三個月全端課程 (JavaScript, ReactJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML and CSS)


Learn fundamental to intermediate level concepts of JavaScript. A programming language that is integrated in all web browsers and is widely regarded as the most popular.


The most popular and most widely JavaScript library for building fast and beautiful user interfaces. Created by Facebook.


A program used to run JavaScript code outside of the browser. It can be used to create web servers, to interact with electronics, etc.


An expressive and popular object-oriented programming language which on occasion almost reads like English.


A very productive Ruby-based web server framework which greatly influenced the world of web development. It’s used by tech giants such as Airbnb, Ask.fm, Bloomberg, Github, etc.


A powerful open source text editor for writing code. Built with JavaScript and web technologies


An indispensable tool used to save your progress when writing code, enable working as a team on small to large projects and share your code with the world.


A social networking service to help you share and collaborate on Git managed projects.


A powerful open-source relational database queryable with Structured Query Language (SQL).


The most used web server framework for JavaScript. It features a small and simple middleware based API that makes easy to quickly create web applications.


A tool used in the industry to bundle and optimize your JavaScript and web projects for delivery to The Internet.

程式開發基礎 Programming Fundamentals


Start with the basics then dive deep with hands-on training and guidance. This introduction to programming starts with brief theory on programming basics and building websites. It is structured to give you a strong foundation to utilize programming in your career. After the course, you have the option to use your new tools to make a basic Web App which our developers will review with you.


We’ll teach the basics of building web pages including the nature of HTML & CSS. We’ll learn to use components of a document: divs, span, tables, lists. We’ll use CSS to bring life to our pages by styling colour, typography and the layout. Finally, we’ll explore a framework, Bootstrap, providing pre-built CSS.


We’ll introduce the fundamentals of computer programming followed by a dive into a programming language that is widely regarded as the most popular.


Firebase, essentially a real-time database, is Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business.

網頁應用程式開發 Web Application Development Diploma

網頁應用程式開發 Web Application Development Diploma (1年研習課程+30週實習)
網頁應用程式開發 Web Application Development Diploma (1年研習課程)

Web Application Development Diploma curriculum was developed by our team of industry veterans, who continuously consult with our corporate Hiring Partners to review, update and optimize our program. We teach not just the fundamentals of coding and programming languages, but also offer real-world training in software architecture, development methodologies, and processes. Graduates come away with the tools and understanding to communicate and work effectively with teams in a fast-paced development environment.

  • Building Web pages with HTML & CSS
  • Version Control System (VCS)
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Advanced Programming Concepts and Algorithms
  • HTTP & Networking
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Web Applications and APIs
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Front-end Programming
  • Production Readiness
  • Job Preparedness
  • Final Project

電腦程式開發 Advanced Diploma in Computing Software Development

電腦程式開發進階文憑實習 Advanced Diploma in Computing Software Development (2年研習課程+60週實習)
電腦程式開發進階文憑 Advanced Diploma in Computing Software Development (2年研習課程)

The Advanced Diploma in Computing: Software Development provides current skills in specialized technical software development, and develops up-to-date knowledge in programming and systems development. The software development activities covered include: new development, modification, re-use, re-engineering and maintenance.


  • Computer Systems Fundamentals
  • Mathematics for Computing 1
  • Computing: Introduction to Project Management
  • Developing Software: Introduction
  • Team Working in Computing


  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Software Development: Developing Small Scale Standalone Applications
  • Professionalism and Ethics in Computing
  • SQL: Introduction
  • Troubleshooting Computing Problems


  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Software Development: Developing Small Scale Standalone Applications
  • Database Design Fundamentals
  • Graded Unit 1


  • Scripting for Interactivity
  • Systems Development: Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Self Describing Data (XML)
  • Software Development: Data Structures
  • Web Development: Dynamically Generated Content
  • Computing: Software Development: Graded Unit 2


  • Software Development: Object Oriented Programming
  • Software Development: Rapid Applications Development and Prototyping
  • Computing: Software Development: Graded Unit 2

商業 Advanced Diploma in Business

商業進階文憑實習 Advanced Diploma in Business Co-op (2年研習課程+60週實習)
商業進階文憑 Advanced Diploma in Business (2年研習課程)

CodeCore College is pleased to offer this comprehensive business program which focuses on administration, leadership/personal development, and business theory. This program is a total of 60 weeks of classes, not including session breaks.


  • Economic Issues: An Introduction
  • Statistics for Business
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Communication


  • Business Accounting
  • HR Management: Introduction
  • IT in Business: Spreadsheets
  • Business Culture and Strategy


  • Managing People and Organizations
  • Marketing: An Introduction
  • Economics 1: Micro and Macro Theory and Application
  • Graded Unit 1


  • Behavioural Skills for Business
  • Business Law – An Introduction
  • Economics 2: The World Economy
  • Continuous Workforce Development


  • Creating a Culture of Customer Care
  • Information and Communication Technology in Business
  • International Marketing: An Introduction
  • Business Contractual Relationships


  • Information Technology: Applications Software
  • Preparing Financial Forecasts
  • Personal Development Planning
  • Business Graded Unit 2

互動多媒體與大眾傳播 (與North Island College橋接課程) Advanced Communication and Interactive Design – Interactive Media Diploma

第一年: Web Application Development Diploma at CodeCore

第二、三年: Advanced Communication and Interactive Design – Interactive Media Diploma at North Island College

CodeCore College

North Island College







Web Development Bootcamp 網頁開發訓練營: CAD$ 9,000

12週 1、3、4、5、7、9、11

Programming Fundamentals 程式開發基礎: CAD$ 950

5週 1、3、4、5、7、9、11

Web Application Development Diploma 網頁應用程式開發: CAD$ 16,500/年 Co-op:$5000

1年 1、5、9、11

Advanced Diploma in Computing Software Development 電腦程式開發: CAD$  14,500/年

2年 1、5、9、11

Advanced Diploma in Business 商業: CAD$  14,500/年

2年 1、5、9、11

Advanced Communication and Interactive Design – Interactive Media Diploma

互動多媒體與大眾傳播: CAD$  16,500/第一年(CodeCore)+CAD$  17,400/第二、三年(North Island College)

3年 1、9、11

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