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Nov 30, 2021



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密集檢定課程:IELTS 雅思




二個時區 溫哥華時間 台灣時間
時段 08:45 / 13:50 23:45 / 04:50


VGC Virtual

時間 週二-週六
0:00 0:50 AM English Skills
1:00 1:50 AM Conversational English
2:00 2:50 AM Universal English
6:00 6:50 AM English Skills
7:00 7:50 AM Conversational English
8:00 8:50 AM Universal English

English Skills

These classes build on the 4 essential skills. For the beginner level, this focuses on strengthening these basic building blocks of the language while at intermediate and advanced level, the focus includes using them in a more academic way.

This course is designed to develop your writing, listening, reading, speaking and English grammar through written practice and conversation. It offers an interactive online classroom that fosters active learning in English.

This course will help you:

  • develop your English speaking skills for interacting with fellow students and presenting confidently in public.
  • advance your English writing skills from basic sentence structures (Beginner level) to more complex sentences, paragraphs and longer writing tasks (Intermediate and Advanced levels).
  • build a range of English listening skills to help you follow conversations and talks more easily.
  • to enhance your reading skills, recognizing different text types and approaching them critically in English.

Conversational English

A vocabulary building course, Conversational English will equip you with useful expressions for everyday interactions. It will build vocabulary and fluency and allow you to navigate these common situations with confidence.

Conversational English is a structured English-speaking course that allows you to increase your knowledge and gain practice with spoken English. Through challenging conversation and discussion in English, you will be able to use newly acquired English grammar and vocabulary in real conversations.

Besides further improving your language skills, this English class is designed to focus on error correction and encourages students to build confidence when talking to native English speakers.

This course will help you:

  • expand your vocabulary and English expressions.
  • identify errors you and other speakers make.
  • enhance your English pronunciation.
  • speak English with more confidence using precise language structures.
  • take part in English conversations related to various topics.
  • learn solid techniques to achieve effective communication in English.

Universal English

This course explores English through universal themes. VGC has adapted their award-winning Global English for our online students. This is a proven program that has helped thousands of VGC students to reach their goals in business English, English exam preparation, academic English, and daily communication in English. As an integrated course, the Universal English program works on speaking, listening, writing and reading, as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Whether for business, academics or everyday needs, this is the perfect class to help you improve your English.

This course will help you:

  • improve your general English skills, such as the ability to listen to real life situations in English   and respond effectively.
  • expand your knowledge and use of English grammar in the context of real life situations.
  • enhance your vocabulary in relation to everyday topics.
  • build the confidence to use all aspects of your English in a natural way.
  • develop fluency and accuracy in spoken and written English.



Express English線上課程優惠


Conversational English/ Universal English/ English skills

課程週數 原價   Hello Study 楓禾優惠
2週 $400 $300
4週 $800 $600
8週 $1600 $1200
12週 $2400 $1800
24週 $4800 $3600


週數 原價   Hello Study 楓禾優惠
2週 $500 $330
4週 $1000 $660
8週 $2000 $1320
12週 $3000 $1980
24週 $6000 $3960


1. 提供報名表+護照 (學生必須提供email)

2. 繳費後收到考試連結

3. 課程確認信/LOA

4. 由老師個別寄送課程連結給學生準備參與週一課程

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